Work Savvy Programme

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03 Jun 2021

It is with great excitement that we introduce the newest addition to our training packages – with a new hybrid, digital and physical training course delivered by Wellington-based training firm, Savvy Up.

With the challenges of the fast-paced modern world and travel restrictions of COVID, NZ CA have sought to trial a training solution that blends a range of digital and face to face learning solutions for our members.

The Work Savvy Programme is designed for staff who would like to focus on areas of self-development, such as improving mindset, workplace habits, managing goals and self and working with others. This is a four-month programme delivered online through a mix of workshops, peer coaching sessions, active forums and e-Courses. In total around 12-16 hours of training commitment over 4 months. The course will culminate with a fly-in, fly-out day in Wellington to reinforce new relationships and celebrate the first successful cohort of this programme.

This course has been designed deliberately at a level below the Edge programme which remains very much the pinnacle leadership course for the group. Candidates who may be ready for the Edge in the next 2-3 years would benefit greatly from this course, as would other team members who are requesting some additional support to help them manage themselves and their teams.

The course is limited to 24 people and we will seek feedback from this group as to the effectiveness and appropriateness of this course for future years.