Combined Offshore Conference – cancelled

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Wailea Beach Resort - Marriott Maui

3700 Wailea Alanui Drive
Hawaii 96753

Maui, Hawai

01 Jun 2020

Cancellation Offshore Conference Maui, Hawaii - notice emailed to all delegates 27 May 2020

With the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic the chances of this conference proceeding became unlikely. Representatives from NZ LAW, NZ CA, Head Office and Fortis have therefore for some time been working through the various possible scenarios for the conference.

Hotel and other conference supplier arrangements, travel restrictions, monetary considerations, related travel for delegates, and delegate safety have all had to be considered carefully so as to ensure the best possible outcome for all conference delegates.

This week, Air New Zealand cancelled their flights to Hawaii in July 2020. This made the ability for the conference to proceed impossible. As a result, the Maui conference scheduled for July 2020 has been cancelled.

Pleasingly, the conference hotels in Maui and Waikiki have confirmed that they accept an impossibility situation has arisen. They will action refunds of monies paid (albeit this will take some time according to Fortis). Some other conference/travel payments will however not be able to be refunded in full. This is despite significant time and effort on your behalf. There will therefore be a non-refundable portion of the conference/travel costs for each delegate. For those delegates who have taken out travel insurance, you may be able to claim for this non-refundable portion.

Head Office is now liaising with Fortis (and AON for those delegates who have group travel insurance) in respect of the best way forward to recover any non-refundable conference payments and complete travel insurance claims. While we urge you to seek insurance recovery of any non-refundable portion, where possible, Head Office will assist this process as much as we can and we therefore ask you to be patient to allow us to progress that for you initially. We, and Fortis, are working on collation of documentation to support those travel insurance claims

Once we are able, we will contact you again to assist with your individual circumstances. In the meantime, you can contact either: Joelle at Fortis, M: 021-852011, Heather – Conference Manager, M: 021-432843, Alan – Executive Officer, M: 021-775888 if you wish.

On behalf of the NZ LAW and NZ CA Boards and Head office, I thank you for your understanding and patience to date. We would hope that by 2021 our scheduled offshore conference programme can resume.