AON/NZI Professional Indemnity Insurance Information

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AON/NZI Professional Indemnity Insurance Information

AON/NZ LAW Risk Management Claim Scenarios for Internal Training

Back by popular request, AON and NZI have produced a new set of six claims scenarios and answers exclusively for NZ LAW member firms participating and supporting the AON/NZ LAW Group PI Scheme. These new scenarios capture exposures such as conflicts, trusteeship issues and much more. These will be relevant to everyone.

NZ LAW as a group has endured claims and premiums that have lead firms to want to invest time into their teams to learn about the types of mistakes being made to create awareness. The reinstatement of these claims scenarios and answers will provide answers to the question ‘what types of PI claims are occurring”?

It would be ideal when implementing these scenarios as a team training session to have senior personnel present to engage in dialogue and answer questions from the team members.

A good amount of time and resources goes into producing these scenarios so NZ LAW needs to ensure firms are engaged and the scenarios are used as intended for internal training purposes for this facility to continue. NZ LAW will provide two scenarios at a time, ideally spread over the next 12 months. As firms complete the scenarios they then need to send their answers back to head office: , the answers the Insurers have provided will then be sent back to their firm along with the next two scenarios. This will be repeated until each firm has completed all six scenarios.

Please Note: The answers firms provide will not be checked by NZ LAW nor will they be passed onto AON or NZI, this is simply the means of recording that the scenarios are being used and NZ LAW can monitor what stage each firm is at as the scenarios are completed over the trial period.

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The following PDF documents have been prepared in conjunction with NZI and various legal panel representatives and must not be disclosed/released to any third party whatsoever without first obtaining written confirmation from: Lesley Runicman, AON Limited or Alan Hay, NZ LAW Limited, Napier.


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